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Huawei phones are moving forward without Google Mobile Services



Huawei phones Google Mobile Services

Huawei and its phones have survived a long journey without Google Mobile Services. However, we cannot deny the fact, that it was quite tough for the company to face this challenge and make space in this Google and Android running world.

We are well aware of the services and benefits that Google provides to its Android users. So far, Huawei has also remained in this beneficial group in the initial days. Unfortunately, these benefits come to a shutdown in May 2019.

The Google absence story begins with the U.S. emperors who prohibited Huawei and some other Chinese manufacturers to enter the U.S. borders. Ultimately, this step has become a huge obstacle for the tech maker and has affected various fields including the chipset market.

Alongside the tech segments, the event also made Google pull its hands from Huawei sectors. As a result, after 2019, none of the Huawei devices exhibited any Google apps or services.

Although, some users were having vast technical knowledge and tried installing the Google apps and mobile services to their Huawei phones. Yet, Google has blocked such inappropriate pathways with the subsequent updates.

New leaps – HarmonyOS and AppGallery

The absence of Google Mobile Services means losing some prominent apps from your smartphone. For instance, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and most importantly – the Play Store. Hence, the absence of Google gave a loud blow to Huawei.

Consequently, the company started drowning in the smartphone market. The sales dropped extremely and users’ interest in Huawei phones started fading. But the company didn’t give up and made a leap on the surface with the HarmonyOS system.

After several efforts, Huawei launched the self-developed HarmonyOS operating system in August 2019. Originally, it was only covering IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Later on, it started making its way to Huawei smartphones.

More on this, the company introduced AppGallery, which became a safer alternative to Google Play Store. Although it has fewer apps than Play Store, some other AppGallery facilities excel from other app distribution platforms.

Huawei phones Google Mobile Services

Thereafter, Huawei also introduced the EMUI operating system for its global users. Notably, EMUI is an Android-derived mobile operating system that is available in Huawei smartphones for the global market.

Huawei still trying to cope with the world

Even though numerous things were against Huawei, it managed and still trying to survive without Google. The latest and high-end technologies show how the company has taken Google’s absence as a challenge and come up with good enough outcomes.

However, difficulties continue to emerge in Huawei’s path. Though the decline has been slowed down, it has not halted, and the loss continues.

But the appreciating fact is Huawei well-managed and appeared as a strong contender in front of the robust challenges. If there was any other company in place of Huawei, it would have been turned into ashes. But this tech giant is quite headstrong to get defeated.

So yes, Huawei has survived a world without Google. The company has proven that it is capable of building up new and advanced solutions. But, it still has to work to gain back its fandom in the smartphone and chipset market.

Moreover, it would be worth seeing whether Google Mobile Services will take a U-turn for Huawei. Or will the company have to make new initiations for taking its place back in the market?

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