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Huawei patent shows new human-machine interaction technology



Huawei has recently issued a new patent regarding the man-machine system. As the name suggests, the mechanism will optimize human-machine interaction and will make functions and performance more efficient.

According to the latest information, the patent application number is CN115390655A. Further, it entitles “human-computer interaction method, human-computer interaction device and storage medium”.

Speaking of the new technology, the man-machine system (also referred to as the brain-computer interface) simplifies operations and improves the user experience with machinery elements.

Moreover, the details show that the new Huawei patent for an advanced man-machine system will quickly resolve the issues regarding different operations. As a result, users can run a bunch of tasks at the same time without dealing with confusion or hindrances.

How does it work?

The latest patent application defines how the man-machine interaction method works. It comprises a human-computer display system, an operating component, and a visual stimulation area for commanding operations.

When a user will command their first operation on the visual stimulation area, it will be determined by an EEG (Electro-encephalography) signal. For your information, this signal is used to measure the electrical activity of the brain and eases the command understanding.

Then comes the visual stimulation area which consists of several small zones. A user will focus on different zones to produce various EEG signals. Consequently, these signals will help in executing numerous operations and functions using the operating component.

China has begun the work!

China has already begun its tick-tacks in the brain-computer interface technology. Many regions in the nation have started supporting the policies for human-computer interface research and development.

A recent example is Shanghai which has brought a new plan into action and started the development of man-machine technology for industrial evolution.

Brain-computer or a man-machine scenario is a new and leading topic in science and technology. It would be worth seeing what Huawei is baking in this aspect for its users and operators.


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