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Huawei partners famous Chinese game maker to reach over 720 million users and to explore more in the gaming industry



Huawei has announced that it officially signed a contract of strategic cooperation in the game business with CMGE (China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group), which is China’s first smartphone game maker company to land on the U.S. stock market.

According to the information, under this cooperation, Huawei will help the game maker to reach more than 720 million Huawei end users, provide Huawei cloud services for the latter, and jointly explore cloud and VR games as well as other important applications for different scenarios.

Under its leadership in the industry, CMGE has published many famous game titles including Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xuanyuan Sword, Monopoly, Star Volunteer, and Angel Empire.

Note that these are the Chinese names (translated) of these games and the original titles could be available overseas with a different name.

Previously, China Mobile Games has launched a game business-related cooperation with Huawei. This includes a variety of IP games, such as Douro Mainland-The Return of the God of War, Dragon Ball Awakening, The Way of One Piece, Thunderbolt, The Origin of Xuanyuan Sword, The Legend of the New Archer of the Condor Heroes: Iron and Blood, etc. have all landed on the Huawei App Market and Huawei Game Center.

(via – Ithome)

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