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Huawei participates in 5G Ecosystem summit 2023 Indonesia




Huawei participated in the 2023 5G Ecosystem Summit in Indonesia themed “5G Ecosystems  Acceleration for Indonesia Digital Vision 2023 & 2045”. The puts light on current business trends, challenges, and opportunities to explore 5G and 5G applications for consumers, homes, and businesses in the country.

The discussion at the summit also included topics such as business, ecosystems, and global benchmarks. Furthermore, the showcase part consists of fiber connectivity as the fundamental of 5G infrastructure development.

5G 5.5G Huawei

Preside of ICT Strategy and Marketing at Huawei, Peng Song said that many representatives from vendors, operators, and academia.

The Chinese tech maker also brought its own set of 5G technologies to showcase at the event including 5G giga experience, 5G smart broadcast, 5G VR/AR Smart solo, and 5G GWA smart home scenarios.


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