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Huawei P70 Series will also get a discrete launch?



Huawei P60 Pro Image

Huawei is preparing to unveil the P70 series, the next generation of Huawei P-series flagship, and reports reveal that the launch could be discrete like the recent flagship.

Last October, Huawei made a surprising unveiling of the Mate 60 Pro. Smartphone maker usually organizes a large event to reveal the new flagship device. This wasn’t the case with the Huawei Mate 60 Pro.

The company instead unveiled pre-orders on Chinese social media accounts. It was the first time a company revealed a new device without a promotional showcase. Huawei didn’t build a promotional campaign for the smartphone either.

The revelation led to a huge interest from Chinese customers who queued in Huawei stores to check the new flagship. Another interesting fact about the device includes its 5G connectivity.

Although the company doesn’t want to promote this capability in public, the demonstrations revealed that the device is 5G capable.

Huawei P70:

The previous report shows that the Huawei P70 series will not be an exception to this new launch strategy. The company may not organize or build promotion teasers for this device.

The Chinese tech maker has finalized all of the launch preparations for the P70 series and it could go online as soon as the upcoming week or next.

If so, the Huawei P70 series will join the Pioneer program which allows consumers to buy a retail device in advance.

The company has not announced an official launch date for the Huawei P70 series but we need to wait to find out whether the phone will get a discrete or public unveiling.

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