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Huawei P60 series to come with 12GB RAM



Huawei P60 series camera powerful

Huawei P60 series is coming and it could also bring a 12GB RAM version for the consumers, as the competition is soaring in RAM access among smartphone companies and reaching up to 18GB.

According to a Weibo tipster, Huawei will use 8GB RAM on the P60 series. But it could be the last time when Huawei chose to go with this low-memory version on a Flagship.

More on this, the tipster emphasized that Huawei is likely to push all of the upcoming production of the P60 series with 12GB RAM beginning in March. It’s a good sign for the consumers and the company to get more access to RAM in regular models of smartphones.

Looking at the predecessor, Huawei launched the P50 series in July 2021 and it comes with 8GB of RAM on both Pro and non-Pro models. Later on, the premium edition and limited edition of the flagship were announced with 12GB of RAM. On the flip side, Huawei unveiled Mate 50 series with only 8GB of RAM.

Huawei P60 series to come with 12GB RAM

Effect of RAM:

RAM or Random Access Memory, came into the digital world via computer desktops and since your phone is also a computer, it works almost the same way.

The phone uses RAM mostly to hold data that active applications + CPU and operating system’s kernel are using because RAM is very fast when it comes to reading and writing. There’s a good article available for you to know how much RAM actually your phone needs to run all of your applications (AndroidCentral).

Some smartphone makers are selling RAM as a key feature and not as a capability. However, Huawei has always utilized the power inside its core hardware and got the most out of it in real scenarios.

Huawei is actively working on the new P60 series and we may soon see it at the launch stage. Until then, check the latest camera sample revelations linked below.

Camera samples of Huawei P60 shows amazing zoom and moon capture capability

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