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Huawei P50 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta is rolling out



Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3 beta

Huawei has already announced the beta adaptation process of the dynamic HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system. And without any further delay, the Chinese manufacturer has begun pushing off the HarmonyOS 3.0 beta firmware for the sleek-looking model – the Huawei P50 series.

This is not the first time when the Huawei P50 smartphone will touch the new interface. The company has already rolled out the developer firmware with a huge bag of alluring features. Giving more users, the chance of experiencing the latest HarmonyOS 3.0, Huawei has started sending the beta build to the P50 and P50 Pro handset users.

Adapting Models:

  1. P50 ABR-AL00
  2. P50 Pro JAD-AL00
  3. P50 Pro JAD-AL50
  4. P50 Pro JAD-AL60

Undoubtedly, the new HarmonyOS build packs multiple goodies in its 8GB of package. Seeing the update size, we suggest you must have ample space as well as battery level for installing the new update. Next, remember the key points, mentioned below.

  • Users must have / / builds as the baseline version for receiving the new push.
  • The new beta update might have some bugs and exploits. Therefore, give some time to the device for adapting to the new system.
  • If you want to rollback to the previous update, then click on the link HERE

Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3 beta

HarmonyOS 3.0 Beta Changelog

New Interaction

Stackable: You can drag cards of the same size to form a stacking state, you can slide up and down to view the widgets or pull down and then slide left to delete, or drag to adjust.

Combinable: Cards of different sizes and application shortcuts can be sorted at will, and freely combined into a widget, the combined card supports resizing, or a combined template and can apply with one click.

Smart Folders: Now you get more sizes and styles to customize your home screen as per your choice. Add numerous applications or store multiple information to the smart folder and use the home screen space more efficiently.

Smart home screen layout: Now giving a new look to your home screen is so simple! Just pinch the screen to intelligently apply a layout. Besides, it easily classifies applications and widgets by color and function and automatically generates a personalized home screen by one-click selection.

Smart Life in all scenarios!

Super Device Expansion

Huawei has expanded the Super Device to support more types of gadgets. Various devices can combine, interconnect, and coordinate with different Huawei IDs. Now you can freely invoke the advantage of each device connected to your model.

A broadcast control center is more convenient

Added support for connecting two pairs of Bluetooth headsets at the same time, one song, two people can enjoy, and listen to the beauty together. In addition, a multi-device remote control function has been added, which can easily control the music playback of nearby speakers through the broadcast control center of the mobile phone (currently only some headphones and speakers).

Performance power consumption

SuperFrame Game Engine

The new interface has upgraded the superframe game engine to more extent. Now it has intelligent scheduling of CPU and memory resources and reduces energy consumption.

Privacy & Security

Privacy Center: It provides you with a general dashboard of all application permissions and behaviors. Further, it proactively provides privacy protection suggestions for possible threats.

Security Center: You can view the security status of the current device or other devices with the same HUAWEI ID at any time. Moreover, it proactively helps you identify problems, and provides protection suggestions, making device security easier and more accessible.

Barrier-free experience

  • Voice broadcast reports the characteristics and positions of people or objects recognized in the scene.
  • The text content is recognized in the reading environment and the description of people appearing in the camera lens.
  • The clarity of the human voice in the media optimizes the sound to make the sound heard more clearly.
  • Support quick connection with hearing aid devices, you can quickly discover nearby hearing aid devices through Bluetooth and easily pair and connect them.

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