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Huawei P50 Pro glass replacement service starts at 169 Yuan [25.02 USD]



Huawei P50 Pro glass replacement

At the time of purchasing a premium smartphone, the fear of dropping, scratching, breaking, and falling of phone remains in our hearts. But if you are a Huawei P50 Pro user then you can live worry-free, as the company is offering some precautionary after-sale support for Huawei P50 Pro users for glass replacement and repairs at a low cost.

Yes! you can replace and repair your Huawei P50 Pro smartphone outer glass at a very low and reasonable rate, at starting price of 169 Yuan, which is around 25.02 USD.

According to Huawei after-sales, a “screen outer glass repair” service has been introduced for some models at designated Huawei customer care centers, in an effort to lower the cost of out-of-warranty maintenance for consumers. You can take part in this activity even if it is broken.

Notably, if the device has been examined by the services provider, the internal screen functionality is sound, and you can only benefit from the repair of the exterior screen glass if the outer layer of the screen is shattered.

Nevertheless, stronger nanocrystals were chosen for the material. Both the drop resistance performance and the prop resistance abilities have been significantly enhanced.

Huawei P50 Pro glass replacement

Additionally, for specific models, you can benefit from the screen outer glass repair nano glass-ceramic service. In the meantime, only Huawei P50 Pro users can take the benefits of the services support for glass replacement and repair.

Meanwhile, there are some conditions that you need to full fill to participate:

  • The official product is selflessly dismantled
  • Repaired, deformed, and the host has no liquid
  • Only the outer glass of the screen is broken and the inner screen function is intact
  • Some models need to be replaced at the same time

It is worth mentioning that the after-sale services are limited only to some Huawei models, but they will gradually cover more devices near future. Notably, the service for Huawei P50 Pro will conclude on December 31, 2022.

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