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Huawei P50 Pocket September 2022 update now available in Europe



Huawei P50 Pocket September 2022 Europe

Huawei has started releasing the September 2022 EMUI update for P50 Pocket smartphone users in Europe. After making a stable push in the global market, it’s time for European users to fetch the updated security patch for their handsets.

For your information, Huawei P50 Pocket September 2022 EMUI update in Europe is approaching users with the (C432E3R2P1) version. Alongside, it also holds a compact package size of 356 Megabytes.

If we dive into the flashbacks, then Huawei took quite a long in rolling out the September 2022 security patches for its eligible devices. We are already walking into mid-October, yet only a handful of devices have received the latest patch.

But no worries, as Huawei well knows the perfect timing to update its gadgets. Hence, keep patience and enjoy the latest offering of the company.

What does this new update offer?

The new update mainly focuses on making your device a bug-free and efficient gadget. It patches up the exploitation voids and provides finer stability to the security system. Besides, it increases the overall performance of the phone and makes it more productive for users.

And who knows, there could be some other hidden tweaks in the firmware’s pocket. Thus, we recommend you install this update as soon as it arrives on your smartphone’s notification panel.

While the OTA process might take some time to bring you the latest update, you can opt for the manual method. Just slide into the Settings menu and follow the below-given steps:

  • In Settings, select the System and Updates option
  • Choose Software Updates
  • Tap on the Check for Updates option
  • Let the device search for the new firmware
  • Tap on Download and Install option

A new P50 Pocket variant is on its way!

We mentioned that there is a slight delay in the update distribution nowadays. And one of the reasons could be the new P50 Pocket variant. Yes, the company is working on a new flip-flop model that will take place on the consumer platform by the end of this month.

As per the details, the new device will bring on the latest HarmonyOS 3.0 system and XMAGE features to enhance photography skills. Consequently, this will be a cheap version of the original P50 Pocket with dynamic features.

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Huawei P50 Pocket September 2022 Europe

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