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Huawei outperforms Apple in Q4 2023 Chinese Tablet Market: IDC Report



Huawei Apple 2023 Chinese Tablet Market

Huawei has once again taken the lead in the Chinese Tablet Market for Q4 2023 and surpassed some top tech vendors like Apple. The company is constantly receiving new achievements in China and will soon shine at the top in global markets as well.

After the Chinese foldable market ranking, IDC released the quarterly tracking report for the tablet merchandise. Eventually, the data revealed that Huawei overtook Apple for the first time in the Q4 2023 Chinese Tablet Market with excellent grades.

On the greener side, Huawei won the number 1 Chinese tablet vendor crown in terms of shipment volume. IDC notes that after a long time, the tech manufacturer has retained its top position in the tablet market shipment ranking.

So far, Huawei has been on heights in Q3 2019 and maintained its space till Q1 2020. But thereafter, Apple stepped into the Chinese tablet surface and dominated the market with its classy and powerful iPad tablets.

Huawei Apple 2023 Chinese Tablet Market

Facts and Figures:

Looking into the report, IDC cites that China’s tablet market shipped 8.17 million units in the fourth quarter of 2023. Even though it has a decline of 5.7% YoY, Huawei has reached new heights in this segment with its advanced tablet products.

As per the details, Huawei has obtained a market share of 30.8% in the Q4 2023 Chinese tablet market, which is an increase of 9.6% YoY. The IDC says that several manufacturers have used the Double Eleven deal platforms to attract customers.

Huawei Apple 2023 Chinese Tablet Market

Moving on, Apple ranks second with 30.5%. Xiaomi and Honor gained third (9.4%) and fourth (7.6%) respectively. Whereas, Lenovo made its place in the fifth spot with 7.2%.

IDC further quotes that consumers now mainly prefer tablets below 2000 yuan based on their lifestyle, which has made a huge impact on high-priced (4000 yuan) devices. Although advanced tablets with better performance, screen solutions, and other factors are in the making and could make the market highly competitive in the time ahead.

Huawei Apple 2023 Chinese Tablet Market


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