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Huawei orders 5.7 million additional satellite mobile chips



Huawei Mate 60 Pro satellite calling

Huawei Mate 60 Pro sales are rapidly growing and the Chinese tech maker has ordered an additional 5.7 million satellite chips in order to build more of the units.

Recently, one of the main suppliers of satellite chips in China – Huali Chuangtong has announced receiving a new 285 million yuan (38 million USD) worth of order from a customer. As previously, the company received a 210 million yuan (28 million USD) order for the same shipment.

With the combined weight of both shipments, the overall amount reaches 495 million yuan (67 million USD). This shipment is bound to be served for twelve consecutive months. Also, it exceeded 100% of the company’s audited main business income in 2022.

Following the first order, Huali Chuangton’s stock rose a staggering 230%. After the second order, the chip maker increased by 20% in the stock.

Although, the Huali didn’t name the customer but the teardown of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro shows that it is using an HTD1010 satellite mobile communication baseband chip. Interestingly, this chip is made by Huali Chuangtong.

In terms of calculation, the HTD1010 chip is priced at 50 yuan per unit. Therefore, the chip amount of 285 million would count to around 5.7 million satellite chips. This means Huawei may have ordered 5.7 million more satellite chips for the new Mate 60 Pro, Mate X5, or any other upcoming smartphone.

To be added, Huali Chengtong confirmed that the agreement signed between the two companies has the high significance of its products and expertise in this field.

Over the years, Huali Chengtong has been deeply involved in the field of satellite applications and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain pattern of “chips + modules + terminals + platforms + system solutions”, with mature satellite application products and solutions. The company has strong order fulfillment capabilities, and its capital, personnel, technology, and production capacity can ensure the smooth fulfillment of orders.

Huawei has been using satellite features in its flagship phones since last year. However, it’s the only phone maker in the world, which launched two-way satellite communication and satellite calling features in its devices.


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