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Huawei opens new giant flagship store in Tianjin



Huawei flagship store Tianjin

Huawei continues to expand its offline presence in China with a new flagship store in Tianjin, the biggest offline store in North China.

Huawei built this architecture with Tianjin Design Institute to retain the historical spatial layout of the building during the renovation. This brings a combination of history, innovation, and fashion to the Huawei Tianjin flagship store.

This new flagship store is divided into different sections including a retail area, exhibition hall, maintenance area, leisure and comfort area, art display center, sports and health area. So, it is an all-in-one expereince center.

Customers can check the latest products including Huawei Mate X5 and Huawei Mate 60 series devices. While fitness enthusiasts can visit the health area. Customers can use the Huawei Watch Ultimate Design and feel the luxury of fitness on their wrists.

The store also has a smart house section that is expanded to more than 280 square meters. It allows users to understand the latest developments around Huawei’s smart house solutions including living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, study, and other whole house smart solutions.

There are various activities for people who want to enjoy their time. This includes Huawei TALK, Huawei Acadamy, sports and health, parent-child entertainment, and more.

Furthermore, people visiting the store could sip a free cup of coffee and expereince the latest technology while engaging in different activities for a healthy life.

Rong Tao, director of the Retail Business Department of Huawei Terminal BG said that Huawei flagship stores are not aimed at sales. But rather at providing consumers with high-quality products and services, he added.

“We hope that not only the products will be far ahead, but the services and experience of the flagship store will also be far ahead.” said Tao.

The tech maker said that it aims to create over 25 flagship stores nationwide within two years of timespan.

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