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Huawei officially reveals P60 Series design before launch



Huawei P60 series

For the first time, Huawei officially revealed the design of the Huawei P60 series flagship ahead of the launch event on March 23. Huawei has not done this before, especially for a premium device.

There are two key features that we’ll look into promo including the background texture and the camera system. Currently, we can’t confirm this phone’s identity but given the fact it has a Periscope zoom, it may be the Pro version, if it’s not the “Art”.

Background texture:

The promo showcases the phone’s rear with a shell-like background theme, which could be a special material designed for the P60 series. Interestingly, the texture is also used on the camera bump. This is a purely new aesthetic and it’s very different from past devices in the P-series.

Huawei P60 series design


Coming to the camera, this P series device uses triple cameras arranged vertically but the middle lens is placed inside a giant ring. This camera has been in discussion for a long time and it’s finally confirmed by Huawei.

The design reflects both the P50 series and P40 series mixed into the new Huawei P60 series. The middle ring is highlighting the entire arrangement with that outer silver finish.

Meanwhile, the top camera possibly be an ultra-wide angle cam and the below one is a periscope camera for better telephoto zoom pictures.

Also, the module brings “XMAGE” branding on the bottom right and an LED flash could be found on the top right. Looking at the difference, the middle lens has a separate camera bump, which doubles up the height of the camera setup.

I am wondering how much height it would increase when you place it flat on the back. The rear side also has curved edges on all corners and the Huawei logo is looking well on the bottom left of the phone.

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