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Huawei October 2022 EMUI security details released as EMUI 13 launch nears



October 2022 emui details

Huawei has released the October 2022 EMUI security patch details as the company moves to launch the EMUI 13 software for global smartphones. On the other hand, the Chinese tech maker is taking EMUI 12 towards the last section of eligible devices.

Adding to this, the company is also reaching to models with September 2022 security patch for Nova 5T, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, P40 series, and more. Although, we’ve entered October but we need to wait until the latest patches begin to rollout.

The security patch includes fixes from Huawei and Android that fixes various sections of Huawei devices. This firmware rolls out monthly and quarterly time spans. Aside from the security patches, Huawei phones are also entitled to receive extra features and optimizations to improve their performance to provide a new user experience.

According to Huawei EMUI October 2022 security bulletin, these new patches brings fixes for 12 high levels of CVEs, 7 medium, and 18 CVEs that were fixed in the previous software rollout. However, there are no new updates found in the critical or low-level area.

Currently, Huawei has not released this software update but we can soon expect it to begin via OTA.

Below you can check the complete CVEs for the respective sections:


  • none


  • CVE-2022-20395, CVE-2022-22822, CVE-2022-23852, CVE-2022-23990, CVE-2022-25314, CVE-2022-25704, CVE-2022-22095, CVE-2021-0697, CVE-2021-0871, CVE-2021-0942, CVE-2021-0943, CVE-2022-25670


  • CVE-2022-28388, CVE-2022-20254, CVE-2022-20268, CVE-2022-20274, CVE-2022-20308, CVE-2022-20325, CVE-2022-20331


  • none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20361, CVE-2022-20082, CVE-2022-20081, CVE-2021-39765, CVE-2022-25657, CVE-2022-22082, CVE-2022-22083, CVE-2022-22084, CVE-2022-22085, CVE-2022-22086, CVE-2022-22087, CVE-2021-0698, CVE-2021-0887, CVE-2021-0891, CVE-2021-0946, CVE-2021-0947, CVE-2021-39815, CVE-2022-20122

EMUI 13:

EMUI 13 will come with new features that are inspired by HarmonyOS 3 and 2 versions. However, there are a bunch of other improvements including the gestures, widgets, and more large folders sizes. Huawei is yet to confirm the launch date for EMUI 13 but we’ll keep you posted on further developments.

October 2022 emui details

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