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Huawei OceanProtect data protection product launch event will be held tomorrow



Huawei OceanProtect product launch event

Huawei will hold the OceanProtect data protection product launch event tomorrow (December 20) in Shanghai, China. During the conference, the company will unveil powerful solutions for data security and discuss new strategies to build up a strong data protection system.

Data is a significant aspect for both enterprises and customers. While the latest technologies have multiple benefits related to daily operations, they also act as a severe threat to users’ privacy and sensitive information.

Huawei understands these security concerns and hence takes thoughtful steps on these matters. Eventually, the Huawei OceanProtect data protection product launch event will introduce new ways that can help customers shield their information effectively.

Huawei OceanProtect product launch event

So far, Huawei has launched several products based on data backup and overall conservation. However, the latest unveiling in the OceanProtect event will come along with improved features and specifications. In addition, the company’s executives will explain the open-source software plans for data protection.

Notably, the new products claim to offer safe, reliable, and logical protection systems that can proficiently deal with data security problems. Together, these traits will help enterprises move towards sustainable and secure development.

OceanProtect series has been one of the most prominent products in the data protection department. As of now, the company is planning to add some more products to this lineup for the welfare of the enterprise and its customers.


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