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Huawei Nova 9 and Nova 10 series grabs HarmonyOS



Huawei Nova 9 10 harmonyos

Huawei has recently announced HarmonyOS 3 public beta for Nova 9 and Nova 10 series smartphones. As the software has now started to rollout with HarmonyOS for both Huawei Nova 9 and Nova 10 models.

These phones come with various capabilities and boast camera prowess. On the other hand, Huawei introduced Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro phones in the global market that packs EMUI 12.

Meanwhile, in China, the phone is installing HarmonyOS 3 public beta and soon upgrade to HarmonyOS 3 stable build. To be mentioned, this firmware could be enjoyed by existing beta testers as well as HarmonyOS 2 users.

HarmonyOS 3 brings a lot of improvements over HarmonyOS 2 such as new smart folders with multiple large folders layouts. It also brings you a better widget management system, privacy center, security center, and much more. HarmonyOS further focuses on smart device management and feeds more power to your user experience.

Below you can check HarmonyOS software update eligible Huawei Nova 9 and Nova 10 series models:

  • Nova 10 (NCO-AL00)
  • Nova 10 Pro (GLA-AL00)
  • Nova 9 (NAM-AL00)
  • Nova 9 Pro (RTE-AL00)

Huawei Nova 9 10 harmonyos

Below you can check all of the software updates notes:

  • Due to version restrictions, please upgrade to, otherwise you will not receive the version push.
  • During the early adopters of the Beta version, please turn on the user experience improvement plan switch (path: Settings > System & Updates > User Experience Improvement Plan), which is convenient for engineers to perform system and application analysis, fault diagnosis, etc., and continuously improve the quality of the version.
  • This update will not delete your data, but it is still recommended that you back up all important data to a PC or the cloud before upgrading, and confirm that the backup content is complete and valid, otherwise, there may be a risk of data loss.
  • Because some third-party apps may not be compatible with HarmonyOS, the third-party apps may not work properly after the update. It is recommended that you try to update the app to the latest version in the Huawei App Store.
  • After the upgrade is completed, the phone may experience heat, freeze, or slow charging. This is caused by some self-optimization adaptations performed by the system after the upgrade. Please use it with patience, and it will recover by itself after a period of time. It is recommended that you charge for 1 hour in the idle time. During the charging period, the system will perform optimization to ensure that the mobile application is quickly adapted.
  • This update needs to reserve 8GB of data space, and the installation package will be automatically deleted after the update without occupying storage space.

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