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Huawei Nova 13, 14, 15, 16 series appear, includes 5G models



Huawei Nova 11 Pro

In the wake of new revelations, Huawei has registered new smartphones from the Nova series including Nova 13, Nova 14, Nova 15, and Nova 16 series. It suggests that the company has planned a massive future for the Nova series, which reflects on these below-mentioned models.

  • Huawei nova 13, MLA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 13, MLA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 14, EMA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 14, EMA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 15, LEA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 15, LEA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 16, LMA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 16, LMA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 13 Pro, TLR-NX9
  • Huawei nova 13 Pro, TLR-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 14 Pro, LPA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 14 Pro, LPA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 15 Pro, YNE-NX9
  • Huawei nova 15 Pro, YNE-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 16 Pro, JLE-NX9
  • Huawei nova 16 Pro, JLE-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 13 Ultra, MGT-NX9
  • Huawei nova 13 Ultra, MGT-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 14 Ultra, SLT-NX9
  • Huawei nova 14 Ultra, SLT-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 15 Ultra, ANA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 15 Ultra, ANA-ANOO
  • Huawei nova 16 Ultra, MRA-NX9
  • Huawei nova 16 Ultra, MRA-ANOO

Huawei Nova series future release Nova 13, 14, 15, 16

As mentioned above, the lineup carries three versions – Standard, Pro, and Ultra. The codenames of the model prefix are hard to speculate.

What’s more interesting is the fact that it contains 5G smartphones, which are currently absent from the Huawei ecosystem due to certain difficulties in the supply chain. Aside from these names and models, there are no specifications revealed in the certifications for the moment.

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However, there’s more that you should know on this matter.

Huawei Nova lineup:

Huawei Nova 7 series was the last lineup launched with 5G connectivity. Then, the company turned into 4G for the later releases. Huawei Nova 8, Nova 9, Nova 10, and the recent Nova 11, all of these only equip a 4G chipset. Still, Huawei filled the 5G absence with faster Wi-Fi hardware, a high-quality camera system, and other features.

Huawei Nova 12:

Another thing to note is that the Nova 12 series is not part of this certification group, which may not come with a 5G model. However, we’ll opt out from jumping to any conclusion, especially not at the moment.

Launch Date:

Nope, we’ve not received any indication on these certifications from Huawei’s side but it’s good to know that Huawei Nova 13, 14, 15, 16 might have some surprises for us in the near future.


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