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Huawei Nova 12 Pro and Ultra models to debut with new version of Kirin 9000S 5G chipset



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Huawei Nova 12 series is once again in the spotlight for its mysterious processor details. The latest information reveals that the top-end Huawei Nova 12 Pro and Ultra models will use a new version of the Kirin 9000S chipset.

Till now it seemed that Huawei would use the same SoC in all the models of the Nova 12 series. However, the new details hint at certain changes in this plan. Accordingly, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro and Ultra handsets are hearsay to install a downclocked version of the Kirin 9000S 5G chipset.

Notably, this variant has similar specifications to the standard Kirin 9000S processor. It will bear the same 1+3+4 CPU architecture. On the other hand, it still uses the self-developed GPU – Maleoon 910.

But when it comes to contrast, the super core frequency is decreased by 0.13GHz. Another difference could be visible in terms of performance, based on different tasks and processes.

Huawei Nova 12 Pro Ultra Kirin chipset version

Some other inputs state that Huawei will use a similar Kirin 9000S processor for the tech-pack P70 series as well. At the same time, the company is considering DUV 5nm process technology for the next generation of Kirin SoC.

Eventually, a rough conclusion is Huawei will adopt different chips for the approaching Nova 12 series. Let’s see what else we will get on this matter in the time ahead.


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