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Huawei Nova 11 screenshot leak shows HarmonyOS 3 software



Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei Nova 11 series will debut on April 17 and inputs for these phones are coming all around. Adding to this, a leaked screenshot has revealed that the standard Huawei Nova 11 will pack with HarmonyOS 3 and Snapdragon mid-range chipset.

A phone information software screenshot shows that Huawei Nova 11 packs with the HarmonyOS 3 operating system. Interstingly, it’s not HarmonyOS 3.1, which we’ve been expecting. However, it’s possible that the upper-grade model may get a direct ride to the new HarmonyOS build.

This software comes with various new upgrades such as stack and group app widgets. It has smart folders with new layouts to manage home screen apps. The software consists of new security and privacy features.

Aside from HarmonyOS 3, the Huawei Nova 11 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 4G chipset. So, it’s now fixed that the phone has the same chip as Nova 9, Nova 10, and Pocket S flip.

However, we are still waiting to see whether Huawei could ramp up efforts to bring Snapdragon 8+ to the Pro model. Because it will have more specifications to put on board.

According to the information, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G uses TSMC’s 6nm process. Its performance, power consumption, and temperature control are equally balanced and stable.

Looking at the memory, Huawei Nova 11 fetches 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. On the flip side, there could be a higher version of the memory version on the top-end variant.

Another thing to know is that the screen resolution is a bit high compared to past standard versions. For example, it’s 2412 x 1084 pixels and it’s slightly higher than the predecessors.

Furthermore, the phone provides some new wallpapers that need your attention but there are no major changes implied to them. However, the walls reflect an aura of the Nova 10 series.

To be mentioned, Huawei Nova 11 will equip a better camera system and it will provide bright images in low light conditions. Learn more about Huawei Nova 11 devices below.

Huawei Nova 11 HarmonyOS 3

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