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Huawei Nearlink new wireless technology will debut on September 25



Huawei nearlink debut September 25

Huawei Nearlink wireless technology is set to debut on September 25 with new products launching at the Autumn 2023 flagship unveiling conference. Last month, Huawei announced Nearlink and its capabilities at the HDC 2023 software event.

According to the information, Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 will be one of the products taking advantage of this new wireless tech out of the box.

With Nearlink, Huawei is looking forward to the revolution in the area of wireless transmission capability. It’s revealed that Nearlink takes about 60% less power than traditional wireless transmission technologies. It has 6x faster speed, 1/30 delay, and 10x network connection support. These are some amazing qualities of the Nearlink.

Nearlink uses a set of standards to integrate the advantages of traditional wireless technologies including Bluetooth. It can solve the needs of smart devices and smart homes that cannot meet the ultimate experience such as latency and reliability in some subdivided scenarios.

Huawei nearlink debut September 25

For example, the air interface delay of an e-sports mouse can be increased from milliseconds to microseconds. In addition, with high bandwidth and anti-interference capabilities, lossless audio which has been difficult to achieve with Bluetooth headsets in the past has become a reality.

In the smart travel situation, the positioning accuracy of Nearlink digital car keys has changed from meter level to decimeter level. Still, the tech has not been seen in action and we would like to see all of these capabilities of Huawei Nearlink as its debut will happen next week.

If you want to read more about Nearlink, check the article linked below.

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