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Huawei mobile UV camera feature can tell you to protect face from the Sun



Huawei camera face sun

Huawei has one of the best camera technologies in the smartphone industry but there’s a camera feature that has now appeared in the patent that could tell you to protect your face from the sun.

Recently, China’s intellectual property office published a patent with application number CN115700841A and it has the title “Detection Method and Electronic Equipment”, which was applied on August 31, 2021.

Looking into the technical details, this technology uses an ultraviolet camera and an RGB camera, which collect UV-mapped images and color tones respectively. Then it matches the first area in the recognized ultraviolet image to the color image to improve the user experience.

That’s not it, there’s a visual representation of the entire scenario that showcases the camera can catch ultraviolet images from different angles and combines the information to process inside a dedicated application.

Huawei camera face sun

The app then improves the accuracy of the input and provides a refined result and guidance for the user. This is similar to a makeup app, you just need to open the sunscreen app, then tap on the shutter button and then the camera will do the rest of the work.

Huawei camera face sun

Once proceed the Huawei UV camera feature will tell you about the facial statics and may also highlight the area that needs sunscreen to protect the face from harmful sun rays.

Such features are a breakthrough for the smartphone industry but it would require you to manually record the facial data. Also, it would require additional camera hardware alongside the selfie camera.

To be mentioned, it would be interesting if the tech could be included in the face lock and show the statics on the lock screen.

(Via – Mydrivers)

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