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Huawei might use new UFG display solutions for future foldable phones



Huawei UFG display foldable

Huawei seems to have advanced tech solutions for its future foldable phones and the list of additions might begin with the UFG/UTG display technologies. Perhaps, the company could use these glass screen panels for its forthcoming folding models.

According to @FixedFocus, future foldable phones are ready to step into a new development direction, particularly for the display segment. The tipster mentioned that the upcoming folding handsets may adopt the new “UFG glass” for the screen.

UFG – Ultra Foldable Glass

These display panels are well-known for their unequal thickness and flexible capabilities. Eventually, they remain thin in the middle of the device, while being thick on both sides, laying a non-uniform screen on the foldable smartphone.

This ideology reduces stress and overall pressure when the device is folded. Besides, the tipster explains that it makes the creases smoother and improves durability. Hence, the screen will be less prone to damage, scratches, or other external factors.

UFG (Ultra-Foldable Glass) or UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) is generally used to protect the underlying display panel layer. It offers improved visual properties and strength to the foldable mechanism thus, providing long-lasting traits to the device.

Huawei UFG display foldable

Huawei Foldable:

Although the post doesn’t specify any brand name in this concept, a few netizens suggested that Huawei could use the UFG display solutions for its future foldable phones. Perhaps, we may find this upgrade with the first-ever tri-fold handset.

Huawei Pocket 2 is almost ready and the company is unlikely to possess this technology for the flip-flop model. However, devices like Mate X6 and the dynamic triple-foldable are hearsay to be in the making and may adopt the respective solution.

Tri-Fold could be first!

The Chinese tech giant would pick all the advanced tech solutions to build the first triple-foldable. Consequently, Huawei is likely to impose the UFG display on the tri-fold handset for extreme durability and a more impressive visual experience than other models. Let’s see how far things fall accurately in this matter.


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