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Huawei may soon unveil new AX3 Pro and AX6 routers with dual Wi-Fi technology



Huawei AX3 Pro routers dual Wi-Fi

Huawei is planning to unveil new AX3 Pro and AX6 routers with useful specs and Dual Wi-Fi technology. Apart from new phones and software features, the company seems to be working on other smart products that can offer more benefits to users.

According to the Weibo tipster @UncleKanshan, Huawei is about to launch new AX3 Pro and AX6 routers with amazing Dual Wi-Fi capabilities. This addition may have a significant cost reduction over the previous-generation router.

On the flip side, the new AX3 Pro router is hearsay to use Lingxi Dual Wi-Fi technology which will bear similar features as the MLO tech in the Wi-Fi 7. For the moment, it is unclear whether the AX6 will also adopt these prominent functionalities.

Huawei AX3 Pro routers dual Wi-Fi

Speaking of Dual Wi-Fi, it smartly recognizes your phone’s internet activities and enables you to use 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies at the same time to easily transmit your data. Eventually, it boosts the download speed rate by 92% and reduces the latency by up to 77%.

Thus, it offers high-quality output in low latency, providing an effective experience. Apart from operational changes, the router may see a reduction in the external front-end modules (FEM) from 4 to 2. As per the leak, these products will install HiSilicon chips and lower configurations.

Compared to the previous routers, users may not find many differences in the new products. Perhaps, the company could launch the two routers on the grand Nova 12 series launch event alongside FreeClip earbuds and the Wenjie M9 smart car.

Huawei AX3 Pro Router

AX3 Pro router carries 1024QAM modulation 160MHz bandwidth, 2.5GHz rate 574Mbps, 5GHz rate 2402MBps. It further supports the NFC function. With a HarmonyOS or Android phone, users can automatically connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password.

The respective device accompanies Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and integrates HarmonyOS features such as an anti-scratch network, camera security protection, and more.


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