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Huawei MatePad Air tablet launched with 144Hz refresh rate and 8300mAh battery



Huawei MatePad Air

Today, Huawei MatePad Air launched as a brand tablet series for consumers. It comes with a high 144Hz refresh rate support for extremely smoother visuals along with a super large battery.

The brand-new Air has a beautiful appearance. It is the first tablet in the tablet industry with a 3:2 screen size and a brand-new productivity ratio experience. It is Huawei’s first tablet that supports an ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz for a silky and smooth control experience. It is the world’s first tablet certified by HDR Vivid, more realistic color presentation, bringing an Immersive look and feel like being in the scenario.

144Hz Huawei Matepad air launched

Huawei MatePad Air comes in five color schemes with innovative frosting technology design. Overall it feels warm and stylish. While the weight of the device is as light as 508g and as thin as 6.4mm. These specs make it feel light and handy.

The display is wide and big to provide you with a full state of play. It expands at 11.5 inches and has a 2.8K high-definition full screen.

11.5 inch screen Huawei Matepad air launched

This new tablet is always online with a network and electricity. Meanwhile, Huawei’s base station-level antenna technology improves signal strength in different scenarios in different directions. Making it easy to work and enjoy entertainment anytime, anywhere. Looking at the battery, the MatePad Air is equipped with an 8300mAh battery capacity for longer gameplay.

Huawei MatePad Air is launched with a new notes app. It has self-developed brush strokes that can be changed at will, and the strokes are vivid. The notes now support real-time voice transcription, listening, watching and recording can be changed on one screen. Furthermore, classification management and full-time data backup make recording efficient and secure.

Huawei matepad air

The tablet could now be paired with the second-generation Huawei M-pencil, it is easy to use and helps you to show off your skills.

Huawei MatePad Air brings PC-level experience, bringing new breakthroughs in light productivity. Exclusive PC-level WPS Office, easy to handle work documents, with the new split-type intelligent magnetic suction keyboard, the paperless office is easy to handle.

It is also Huawei’s first tablet equipped with professional academic reading software, which can open CAJ files in seconds, and consult and annotate academic journals Easy to do, professional, and efficient for further study and research.

Huawei MatePad Air pricing:

  • Wi-Fi (8GB + 128GB) version priced at 2800 yuan
  • Wi-Fi (8GB + 256GB) version priced at 3199 yuan
  • Wi-Fi (12GB + 256GB) version priced at 3499 yuan
  • Wi-Fi (12GB + 512GB) version priced at 3999 yuan
  • LTE (12GB + 512GB) version priced at 4499 yuan

Huawei MatePad Air is pre-sale starts today in China and its first sale is scheduled for May 25, 2023.

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