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Huawei likely to upgrade variable aperture technology for P70 series



Huawei P70 series variable aperture

The revelation of the Huawei P70 series is heading our way in March this year and the company is likely to boost its new flagship capabilities with an upgraded variable aperture technology. We may see vital optical changes with the new P-series.

According to the Weibo tech analyst @DirectorShiGuan, Huawei has recently unveiled a brand-new variable aperture technology, which may be used for the P70 series. The tech has appeared in a new patent and shows significant upgrades.

What is Variable Aperture?

The iconic optical mechanism consists of an auto-adjust feature to meet the requirements of the shots in real time. It offers around 10 different aperture sizes to choose from and captures your favorite moment just the way you want.

Ahead, the variable aperture provides better control over sensitive lens settings such as lighting, depth, and camera angles. Thus, you get a clear, vibrant, and more aesthetic image capture even when in dull-light scenarios.

Huawei P70 series variable aperture

New Variable Aperture Technology

Looking into the patent image, the overall appearance and mechanism setup seem to be larger than the previous generation. The patent counts a new variable aperture, a lens module, and an electronic device to work efficiently for capturing operations.

Here, the variable aperture includes a fixed base, a rotating bracket, and an adjustable diaphragm. The rotating bracket has surrounded the entire mechanism. Besides, the variable aperture has M blades covering the light-transmitting void.

These blades are all rotatably connected to the fixed base and attached to the rotating bracket in a sliding manner. There is a positioning section on the inner surface of the rotating bracket whereas, the outer surface of this bracket facing the fixed base has a convex portion.

Everything combined, the upgraded variable aperture technology will improve the overall accuracy of the camera module as well as the imaging effect, enhancing the quality of the captured images.

Huawei P70 series variable aperture

Huawei P70 series could use it?

Huawei is well-known for introducing dynamic techs and solutions for its devices and the variable aperture is a part of this theory. The Mate 50 series was the first smartphone to showcase this technology whereas, the company continued to modify it with the upcoming premium models.

As of now, consumers may find effective changes with the upgraded Huawei P70 series variable aperture technology over the previous generation.


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