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Huawei launches new Watch Fit link, press-type strap quick release component



huawei watch fit link

Today, Huawei launched a new Watch Fit Link that supports a press-type strap quick-release component, which comes at 39 yuan (5.7 USD). The aim of the Huawei Watch Fit Link is for users to replace the strap, which interconnects with the standard version.

According to the information, the Watch Fit Link is only supported with the 2nd generation of Watch Fit – Watch Fit 2 device and not for the first gen Watch Fit and Watch Fit new or mini. The Watch Fit link supports the replacement of the EasyFit Strap (20mm), to bring the quick-release compound, and can be removed with one press.

The listing of this product reveals that the Watch Fit link comes in three colors – black, silver, and gold to match the three variants of the Watch Fit 2.

The new Watch Fit 2 features an innovative, press-to-release “Link” design, which means switching straps is as easy as swapping bands. You can just press, switch, and you’re all set to go.

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