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Huawei launches new multi cloud Storage solution



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At MWC 2023, Huawei launched new storage products and solutions to help global carriers for a better multi cloud infrastructure and provide better support for the cloud industry.

Huawei’s new storage solution addresses various issues including a full series of products and solutions for data production, backup, and archiving to cover all scenarios and provide tiered storage of hot, warm, and cold data. The proportion of cold data exceeds 70%, requiring low-cost archiving. In response, Huawei launched Blu-ray storage, which has a longer service life and reduces the TCO by 70%.

Carriers’ cloud data centers generally adopt the “server + local disk” architecture. This results in high data migration costs and three times the storage space overheads. To resolve this issue, Huawei has launched OceanDisk, the industry’s first professional storage for diskless architecture with decoupled storage and compute and data reduction coding technologies, reducing space and energy consumption by 40%.

For ransomware attacks, Huawei’s all-domain end-to-end ransomware protection storage solution provides double protection for production and backup storage. Huawei storage provides 4-layer data protection policies, ransomware detection, data anti-tamper, isolation zone through the air-gap technology, and end-to-end data breach prevention for master data security.

To stay connected with the latest cloud development trends, Huawei has launched a multi-cloud storage solution, which supports intelligent cross-cloud data tiering and a unified cross-cloud data view.

This solution realizes the free flow of data across clouds, which protects customers’ existing investments and achieves the lowest TCO. The solution also interconnects with the container platform to ensure that applications can be deployed across clouds, helping customers easily deploy new services.

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