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Huawei launches new i-series solutions to increase wireless network worldwide



Huawei wireless network solutions

On October 31, Huawei attended the 13th Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in Bangkok and released the IntelligentRAN i-Series solutions to accelerate the growth of the wireless network across the globe.

According to the information, Huawei and the SingleRAN Product line cooperation have jointly released the i-Series wireless network solutions. Besides, it relies upon the IntelligentRAN framework and integrates several other solutions for various scenarios.

On the other hand, the i-series solution consists of four primary aspects. These are iFaultCare, iPowerStar, iHashBAND, and the 5GtoX suite. Ultimately, these solutions help operators to learn business intelligence operations, network intelligence optimization, O&M intelligence, and more.

Let’s understand the immediate solutions in more detail:

1. iFaultCare Solution

This solution welcomes advanced functionalities for network operations and maintenance. Besides, it enables the operator to switch from responsive operations to proactive operations. The solution is also capable of intelligent analysis and provides early alerts on potential problems and other risks, reducing service interruption by 22%.

2. iPowerStar solution

As the name reflects, the solution works on energy-saving mechanisms. Consequently, it maintains a stable network performance and looks after the time domain, air domain, frequency domain, and power domain.

iPowerStar works on the “one-station, one-policy” rule to conserve energy-saving protocols. Further, it helps operators to develop a network with maximum performance and power saving. It increases energy efficiency by 15-30%.

Huawei wireless network solutions

3. iHashBAND solution

This solution relies upon the multi-frequency concept. It brings network prediction functions that consist of intelligent carrier frequency and intelligent carrier aggregation. As a result, it improves the uplink and downlink rate and enhances the multi-service experience for consumers.

4. 5GtoX Suite solution

The respective solution enriches the functioning of toC, toH, and toB all-scenario services. Alternatively, it introduces more convenient and reliable services with stable experiences. Further, it stimulates the traditional coverage conditions and improves the accuracy of the network by 80%.

The President of the MAE Product Line of Huawei Wireless Network – Ma Hongbo describes his thoughts on the latest innovation:

“Since the release of IntelligentRAN at MWC in 2022, Huawei continued to communicate and innovate with industry partners in the field of wireless intelligence. The new i-series solutions released this time are a further interpretation and implementation of the IntelligentRAN concept. Hence, Huawei will continue to innovate with operators, incubate more scenario-based wireless intelligent solutions, and work with industry partners to move towards a 5G intelligent world.”


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