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Huawei launches Kirin 9010 chipset with optimized performance



Huawei Kirin 9010

Huawei has launched the new Pura 70 series with a secret chipset but new details reveal that this flagship is equipped with a new Kirin 9010 chipset. This new mobile processor has optimized performance compared to its predecessor.

The mobile information app shows that the Huawei P70 Pro lineup uses Kirin 9010 with 12-core architecture. It includes two 2.3GHz large cores, six 2.18GHz medium, and four 1.55GHz small cores.

We need to understand that the new Kirin 9010 is still an octa-core chip and the increased core count is reflecting hyperthreading technology.

Huawei Kirin 9010

Huawei Kirin 9010

The Kirin 9000s carries an 8-core architecture including a 2.62GHz large core, three 2.15GHz medium core, and four 1.53GHz A510 cores.

In comparison, the large core has now changed from 2.62GHz to 2.3GHz, and the medium core has changed from 2.15GHz to 2.18GHz. The small core has changed from 1.53GHz to 1.55GHz.

The frequency chart shows that the 9010 is just an optimized version of the Kirin 9000S. There aren’t any major changes made to the architecture. On the other hand, the chip is still using Huawei’s self-developed Maleoon 910 graphics unit.

The chip’s performance remains unknown but the company may have made power efficiency upgrades with new adjustments. To be mentioned, the chip is probably serving 5G connectivity similar to the 9000S.

Manufacturing process:

Huawei Kirin’s manufacturing process has been hidden since the Kirin 9000s, was introduced last year. The chip information is also not listed on the official specifications of the Huawei Pura 70 series.

The Chinese tech maker has been working with chipset development technologies without public revelations. It is more likely that the chip is utilizing the rumored 7nm chip process. However, we expect more information to come on this matter later on.

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