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Huawei launches Cloud Desktop services, based on Huawei CLOUD



Huawei Cloud desktop service

Huawei today announced Huawei CLOUD’s new cloud-native desktop services – Huawei CLOUD Desktop. This service is designed and built based on the cloud-native architecture of Huawei Cloud and could provide you with various new services such as establishing dynamic configuration changes, and resource expansion while remaining connected to the internet.

Huawei Cloud Desktop Services Features:

Fast Deployment:

Huawei CLOUD Desktop is a SaaS-based desktop service on Huawei CLOUD. You can use it immediately after purchase and flexibly apply for and adjust desktop specifications such as CPU, memory, and disk according to your needs, and deploy in minutes.

Huawei Cloud desktop service

Efficient Management:

The latest desktop cloud solution supports the unification and standardization of user operating systems and business applications through standardized templates and realizes the standardized management of IT office platforms.

Mobile Collaboration:

Despite your location or device, employees can directly access the office space anytime, anywhere. The application response does not depend on the processing capability of the terminal, but directly utilizes the superior performance of the cloud desktop server to greatly improve the application processing speed and user experience.

Huawei CLOUD’s global network coverage promises smooth performance and office experience with packet loss is less than 5%.

Smooth experience:

E-commerce, games, industrial simulation, clothing design, and other industries have high requirements for the color rendering authenticity of office devices.

With the help fo Huawei Delivery Protocol (Huawei Delivery Protocol), Huawei Cloud Desktop can bring users a smooth office experience with high-definition visual enjoyment, guaranteeing YUV444 true color lossless display, professional 10bit color depth, smooth and delicate, 4K / 60 frames high dynamic scenarios smoother and efficient.

Data Security:

Huawei CLOUD Desktop has three security mechanisms: Device Access, Transmission pipeline, and Cloud platform. Additionally, it has 10 key measures to achieve data non-landing, traceable behavior, and auditable process, avoiding various data security risks in a corporate office.

At the same time, through multiple strong control security policies, such as explicit/implicit desktop watermarking, peripheral control, file transfer control, etc., information leakage and security risks are greatly reduced.

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