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Huawei launches Blue Whale IT app store similar to smartphones



Huawei Blue Whale IT App Store

Today, Huawei launched the Blue Whale app store along with other enterprise solutions including Computing Storage OceanStor 2910 and the new FusionCube hyper coverage infrastructure, which is the latest storage product for the industry.

The latest revealings come at the “Hyper-convergence +” strategy and new product launch conference held on February 8, 2023. According to the information, the Huawei Blue Whale app store is related to Huwaei FusionCube hyper-converged and computing storage as a smartphone and connects the devices.

It supports one-click deployment and daily operation as well as maintenance of partner companies’ apps to ensure access for all partners. According to the inputs, Huawei Blue Whale App Store has three top-grade features, fast app availability, app smartphone operation, and effective maintenance.

The custom deployment template of the Huawei Blue Whale App Store allows the virtualization specifications of the application, the dependencies of the application software package, and more.

It can be defined in advance so that it only takes 1 step and 1 parameter to deploy the application, and it takes 1 hour It can be completed, greatly improving the deployment efficiency of the business system. The batch launch of multiple applications in one solution can also be completed through custom orchestration components.

By integrating applications and IT infrastructure through the Huawei Blue Whale App Store, you can use only one set of software to complete the full-stack management of the entire business system.

For example, through the full-stack topology view, you can identify the specific node of the system failure at a glance.

Huawei Blue Whale App Store

At the same time, the platform also supports cloud intelligent operation and maintenance and mobile phone remote operation and maintenance. Once a problem occurs in the system, the relevant alarm information can be received in real-time on the smartphone to help service personnel quickly solve the problem and ensure efficient, continuous, and stable operation of the system.

Based on the deep integration of enterprise applications and IT infrastructure, Huawei Blue App Store defines 12 acceptance indicators to ensure the delivery quality of application solutions. Huawei’s Blue Whale app store has settled in 50+ mainstream applications in various industries, and it is expected that more than 120+ mainstream applications will be launched in 2023.

It is revealed that Hyper-convergence is an emerging technical architecture that manages storage, computing, and network resources distributed on each device in a unified manner, and at the same time realizes intelligent operation and maintenance of resources through a tool platform.

This technology has become one of the mainstream construction modes of data centers. Hyper-converged products have four major advantages:

  • Storage Architecture – The biggest difference between hyper-converged architecture and the traditional architecture is that the storage architecture is different. The traditional architecture uses centralized storage, while the hyper-converged architecture uses distributed storage. Distributed storage is faster than centralized storage, and the hyper-converged dual-copy mechanism also makes data storage safer.
  • In terms of integration – the hyper-converged architecture is a highly integrated computing, network, and storage integration. The traditional architecture is separately scheduled and managed.
  • In terms of scalability – hyper-converged architecture is a building block construction, which can be expanded linearly and quickly on demand. Traditional storage expansion is difficult, and there is an IO bottleneck.
  • Product price – about 30-60% of the cost can be saved.

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