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Huawei launches advance 5G network



Huawei 5G Advanced technology

Huawei and some other tech makers have rejuvenated the 5G technology and released an enhanced version – 5G Advanced. The net-tech contains a bunch of new capabilities as well as ten key factors.

5G-Advanced Technology

So far, Huawei has pushed off a revamped 5G network as 5.5G, however, the fresh 5G Advanced technology is a much higher model of the networks. Further, the companies pen down that this initiative has an excellent network.

Apart from the network efficiency, the advanced version pulls out Intelligent health, Smart Simplicity, as well as Low-Carbon effectiveness. On the flip side, the 5G Advanced also termed 5G-A will support downlink at 10Gbps speed.

Further, it carries uplink at the speed rate of 1Gbps. Moreover, the progressive network also holds support for some more extraordinary stuff. For instance, millisecond-level latency, low-cost 100 billion loT, and high-precision positioning.

Huawei 5G Advanced technology

5.5G Technology

5G Advanced technology is quite similar to the 5.5G network that Huawei developed a long while ago. The executive director of Huawei and president of ICT products and solutions, Wang Tao has uttered the following words over the 5.5G tech:

“5.5G requires spectrum reconstruction, uplink enhancement, all-scenario IoT, and synaesthesia. Continue to innovate in six directions, including integration, L4 autonomous driving network, and green and low carbon to achieve a ten-fold increase in capacity. At the same time build new network capabilities to achieve an excellent network.”

As per the reports, the 46th Project Cooperation Group meeting that was held in April 2021 took some important decisions over 5G tech. Accordingly, the 5G-A will appear as the R18 version. Besides, the respective network will set and accomplish new goals after 2025. With this new evolution, the 5G technology will gain higher social and economical value.

You can have more information about the advanced technology HERE.


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