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Huawei launched White Paper to enhance internet technology in Africa



Huawei White Paper Africa

On November 13, Huawei attended the 25th AfricaCom 2022 event and launched the IPv6-based White Paper in Africa. Eventually, the solution will enhance internet innovation and technology in the region.

For your information, IPv6 signifies Internet Protocol Version 6. Generally, the respective internet technology facilitates connections for data, applications, and computing power development. It also helps in framing the digital economy.

So far, several regions and industries have deployed IPv6 architecture for advanced network and internet services. Hence, Huawei is now circulating the White Paper on IPv6 development in Africa for better internet facilities.

Consequently, the Chinese tech maker organized the 4th Africa Broadband Forum at the AfricaCom event. Besides, the company and African Union together introduced the White Paper solution for the region.

Main Aim of White Paper

Huawei has launched White Paper to cover a variety of aspects in Africa. To begin with, the initiative will inspect the development of IPv6 and internet services in the region. In addition, it will distribute the innovation techs and schemes to the major internet service providers and operators.

Furthermore, the solution will offer tricks and direction to accelerate internet services and utilize the technologies efficiently. As a result, all these steps will improve the growth of the network and digital economy in Africa.

Huawei White Paper Africa

IPv4 vs IPv6

Initially, the company has been working with IPv4 technology and services. However, with an excessive growth rate in technologies, IPv4 was not enough to fulfill the demands for highly-effective internet facilities.

Hence, it became important to take a step further in this concept. Alternatively, IPv6 will play a crucial role in uplifting innovation in the internet world. Accordingly, users will get improved network services.

IP Enhanced

Huawei also revealed the term IPE (IP Enhanced) which relies upon combined applications. It uses flexible IPv6 modules to optimize the network programs and other related operations.

With IPE, Huawei will work on four factors, Super Edge, Cloud-Network Express, Converged Backbone, and Digital Map. These solutions will help the operators to develop reflective cloud networks and bring Africa’s digital economy to new heights.


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