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Huawei launched the world’s first 800GE data center core switch



Huawei world's first 800GE center switch

During the 31st China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Huawei launched the world’s first 800GE data center core switch, the CloudEngine 16800-X series.

Large enterprises represented by the Internet industry urgently need networks to meet high requirements such as large bandwidth, low latency, and high performance. With the popularity of 400GE in ultra-large-scale data centers, data center networks are developing at a higher speed – 800GE.

Qiu Yuefeng, vice president of Huawei’s data communication product line presented this product. He predicted that the smart computing power will reach 70% in 2023 and the parameters of AI large models used in ChatGPT will increase 115 times. On the flip side, the computing AI power will ramp up to 500 times.

Huawei world's first 800GE center switch

Three Capabilities:

Let’s take a look at the three capabilities of the Huawei CloudEngine 16800-X series.

  • X1 super powerful performance: supports up to 288 800GE ports, supports smooth evolution of services for ten years. It provides the industry’s best cross-board forwarding delay of 3.5 microseconds. Also, network-level load balancing to achieve 90% high throughput;
  • X2 hyper-converged bearer: Relying on hyper-converged Ethernet to adapt general-purpose computing, high-performance computing, intelligent computing, and storage converged bearer, TCO is reduced by 36%;
  • X3 ultra-intelligent network: With the industry’s first network digital map, it realizes multi-cloud network 1-map presentation, 1-second simulation of configuration changes, 1-key navigation of the application network, and 1-step location of network faults to create the ultimate operation and maintenance experience.

The CloudEngine 16800-X series has the industry’s highest density of 288 x 800GE ports, which can efficiently support AI training and other services and release 100% of computing power.

With these specialties, the world’s first 800GE data center core switch is ready to spread the message of Huawei. And take this business segment to the next level.


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