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Huawei launched advanced network solutions to boost digital growth



Huawei network solutions digital growth

On October 28, UBBF 2022 event was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand where Huawei and its several executives introduced advanced network solutions to promote digital growth across various industries.

Further, the company described how these initiatives would bring new facilities to general consumers and industry sectors. Notably, these Huawei network solutions will not only hype digital growth but will also promote green development worldwide.

So far, we have only seen technologies and high-end solutions affecting the environment to a great extent. However, Huawei is trying to bring such techs on the ground that can help the industries to maintain the aspects of green development.

Leading the UBBF 2022 event, the Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Asia- Pacific region – Mr. Simon Lin, delivered a short speech. He explained how upgraded home networks and smart services will open new doors of evolution.

Three ways to upgrade home networks

1. Gigabit to Home: This solution requires large-scale optical fibers that will seamlessly decrease the cost per line. As a result, operators will be able to benefit consumers with modern services at a higher average revenue per user (ARPU).

2. Gigabit to Room: This is the Fiber to the Room (FTTR) solution that provides a gigabit solution in every room. Besides, it delivers remote home networks and O&M services. Ultimately, this lessens the maintenance cost by 50% which is a great aid for operators.

3. Gigabit + Services: Huawei has developed its Gigabit technology in such a manner that it can easily integrate with the new services. For instance, specific broadband services, binding internet services, smart home device services, and more.

Consequently, these new services will equally contribute to the ARPU increment of broadband services.

Huawei network solutions digital growth

Three ways to upgrade enterprise networks:

Thereafter, Simon depicted the enterprise network solutions. He said that the operators can elevate the network connections for industries in three ways:

1. Bandwidth upgrade: Enterprise private lines are crucial components for operators. Hence, a bandwidth upgrade for private line services from the original Gbps to 10 Gbps will provide high-quality connections both inside and outside the campus and data centers.

2. Scenario-Specific solutions: The next step is to identify a scenario and use a solution according to it. Eventually, operators can offer scenario-specific private lines to increase revenue.

3. Step from private lines to private networks: Operators can utilize the multi-cloud backbone and network techs. Further, they can jump one step ahead and can upgrade private lines to private networks. This will provide network assurance to enterprises.

While concluding, Simon said that Huawei is associated with operators to aid International Telecommunication. The company will continue to dive into the depths and bring more new solutions for increasing digital growth in the world.


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