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Huawei Kunling launched, an e-commerce platform for enterprise products



Huawei Kunling

During Huawei China Partner Conference 2022, Huawei officially launched a sub-brand platform “Huawei Kunling” for enterprise solutions. It aims to build an ecosystem of digital products including solutions, tools, and services that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use.

Wu Hui, President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Business introduced that in this distribution platform. Huawei said will optimize the distribution partner system and develop partners with high-selling capabilities.

Industry-wide partnership:

Huawei will adhere to the rules of long-term partners according to industry and regional characteristics, and make cooperation more secure. It will provide richer multi-dimensional incentives, encourage sell-outs, and encourage partners to do better.

Through the establishment of distribution partners to develop With the management committee (PDMB), equipment scanning code activation, full link visualization, and the introduction of third-party joint governance, and more.

These will contribute to making the order more convenient and get better investment in returns. This entire strategy will be supported by the two supporting platforms of Kunling’s official website PC and the Kunling APP. These will make the cooperation between Huawei and its partners more efficient.

Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei, Director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, and President of Enterprise BG, said that Huawei Kunling will take root in the small and medium-sized enterprise market, and help thousands of enterprises to digitize easily with flexible and intelligent product solutions.

Lots of products:

According to the information, Huawei Kunling” will release more than 70 competitive distribution exclusive products for SOHO office, hotel catering, commercial real estate, retail store, office security, and other categories of workspace and requirements. The product also includes smart tablets, AI cameras, fiber optic sensors, and other smart devices.

The website design is somewhat similar to the Vmall and easy to operate. That’s why we can call it an e-commerce marketplace for enterprise solutions.

Huawei Kunling

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