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Huawei is well-committed to user privacy protection: Huawei CEO



Huawei user privacy protection

On the occasion of International Data Privacy Day, Huawei Consumer Business CEO – Yu Chengdong cited that the company is well-committed to user privacy protection aspects. It further prioritizes users’ security and ensures no compromise to it.

Yu Chengdong says that Huawei keeps user privacy protection at the top-most place while developing its products. To enhance this concept, the company continues to adopt innovative facilities and techs that can shield users’ privacy and security.

We are well aware of the fact that U.S. authorities always addressed Huawei as a subject of a ‘privacy threat’. Yet, the Chinese tech giant never imposed any such components on its devices that harm user security and data protection in any manner.

On the flip side, Huawei chooses and collaborates with selective partners that can provide benefits to the welfare of consumers, without affecting their data privacy or security aspects.

Huawei user privacy protection

Moving on, Yu Chengdong listed a few effective privacy features of the HarmonyOS operating system. The list begins with the useful smart cockpit privacy mode which perfectly hides confidential data like driver’s details, navigation records, call records, and other car information.

Besides, it enables the use of separate accounts for each passenger so that your inputs remain in a safe place without coming into contact with others.

Some other features include privacy risk management which controls the risky applications so that they may not access your data. HarmonyOS also uses AI capabilities that can shield your information from a picture or media content before sharing it.

Ahead, the application permission usage brings you all the details of your device so that you can learn about apps running, real-time records, and other significant inputs of your device.

HarmonyOS NEXT

In the latest edition, the HarmonyOS NEXT Galaxy version is ready to land among the general public. No doubt, the company will efficiently maintain privacy features and functionalities with the HarmonyOS NEXT.


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