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Huawei is likely to prioritize Kirin chipsets for flagship phones



Huawei Kirin chipsets flagship phones

News regarding Huawei suggests that starting this year, the company is likely to sort out Kirin chipsets only for the flagship phones. On the other hand, the Chinese tech giant may not introduce any 5G models under 3000 yuan [$424].

Recently, Huawei has launched two smartphone series: Mate 60 and Nova 12. Both lineups accompany Kirin processors on board for the top-end models. This has further confirmed that the tech maker could boost Kirin production in the coming days.

However, it was a dilemma whether entry-level phones get the chance to use Kirin chips. As of now, a new report has thrown some light on this matter and suggested that the company has new plans for the respective processor.

Accordingly, Huawei may prioritize Kirin chipsets only for flagship phones instead of mid-range or low-end devices. At the same time, the inputs quote that Huawei may not release 5G models below the 3000 yuan price tag in 2024.

It looks like the new strategy is already in action with the Nova 12 series. Consequently, the smartphone lineup has four models in which Pro and Ultra adopt Kirin 8000 and Kirin 9000SL processors, respectively. While the other two versions are dependent on the Snapdragon chips.

Huawei Kirin chipsets flagship phones

Perhaps this year, Huawei may completely drop the plan to use Kirin chipsets for Enjoy smartphone models and will keep them in the 4G network category at a cost-effective price. Although an official statement on this subject is awaited.

Kirin Production Boost:

It is worth mentioning that Mate 60 Pro equipped with a Kirin chip has raised the sales revenue of the company and brought in unexpected outcomes. Thus, if the company aims to expand Kirin production this year, then it may benefit from a 40% hike in the smartphone business.


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