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Huawei HMS Core: Account Kit



Huawei HMS Core Account Kit

The account Kit of HMS Core provides fast user sign-in for Huawei apps. There’s no quicker and safer way to do this than with their Huawei IDs based on two-factor authentication. Access the Huawei ecosystem of users with seamless sign-ins from different devices.

Below you can check the features of the Huawei HMS Core Account kit.

Quick Sign-in:

  • Allows users to sign in to your app using Huawei IDs, without having to go through the registration and verification process.

QR code sign-in:

  • Enables secure and convenient access on smart devices that scan our QR code.

Secure Sign-in

  • Safeguards user accounts with two-factor authentication (password plus verification code).

Huawei HMS Core Account Kit

Use case:

Users can quickly and conveniently sign in to apps with their Huawei IDs. When signing in to an app using a Huawei ID for the first time, a user needs to authorize the app. Then, the user can sign in to the app with one tap. With one Huawei ID, a user can sign in to all apps on all devices.

With Account Kit, the user who has already signed in with his/her Huawei ID on a device can easily sign in with the same ID on other devices by scanning a QR code.

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