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Huawei HiSilicon V811 chip launched with new 4K projector



Huawei Hisilicon v811

On May 20, 2023, Huawei launched a new generation of HiSilicon V811 chip with Dangbei 4K projector F6. It uses a new generation of full-color LED system and an all-glass lens, with a brightness of up to 1800 CVIA lumens.

With the growth of user demand and the rapid improvement of product performance, high-brightness, high-definition, and high-end projectors have become an inevitable trend in the development of home projectors, and 4K display is one of the most certain directions for upgrading high-end projection products.

This new projector has a keen insight into industry trends and user needs and continues the excellent genes of the Dangbei Projector in terms of image quality optimization, core configuration, Dangbei OS operating system, humanized functions, and more.

HiSilicono V811 chip:

Dangbei F6 is equipped with the industry’s first brand-new Huawei HiSilicon V811 chip. This Chinese “chip” consist of huge energy. Compared with the previous version, the new generation of Huawei HiSilicon V811 comes with a leading performance gap.

Huawei Hisilicon v811

It has 6GB memory, supports full-blooded HDMI 2.1, high-speed 240Hz, and 8K@30fps decoding. Not only enables daily use of projection and video playback, but there is also no resistance, and it can be called a carnival feast for the game party.

Looking at the picture quality, Dangbei F6 equips a new generation of full-color LED system, with a brightness of up to 1800 CVIA lumens, and a natural spectrum with a high color gamut.

Compared with the three-color laser display that frequently suffers from speckle and dispersion, the picture quality is more transparent. The product supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 8K decoding, HDR 10, and can restore 1.07 billion colors, bringing amazing details like being in a real scene.

Huawei Hisilicon v811

Through the powerful X Super super-resolution technology, It can reduce the resolution of the film source and increase it to close to 4K. This will reshape the image quality, and the AI ​​Ruihua engine, Dangbei F6 can capture the face in real-time according to the screen, adjust its frame by frame, and restore the natural texture of the skin.

Based on the superb performance of the new generation Huawei Hisilicon V811 chip, Dangbei F6 has the Hi-Imprex image quality enhancement engine.

This can achieve more accurate color calibration, dynamic contrast enhancement, and partition contrast management. Through the Hi-SuperClear Image quality noise reduction engine, Dangbei F6 can achieve frame-by-frame denoising, the picture is pure and transparent and can eliminate block effects and mosquito noise.

Super large screen viewing is an immediate need for many fans, Dangbei F6 supports Hi-MEMC motion compensation Engine with football tracking technology, small object protection technology, and low-latency technology, the motion picture is smoother, and bids farewell to frame loss.

Due to the lens material and focusing function of some projectors, there will often be a phenomenon of virtual focus, which is specifically manifested as the picture becoming blurred when the projector is turned on or after watching for a period of time.

Huawei Hisilicon v811

In order to improve the virtual focus problem of the projector, Dangbei F6 is powered by 10 all-optical ultra-high-definition light-transmitting optical glass lenses.

High heat resistance and other characteristics, so that the picture is always clear and bright. In addition, Dangbei F6 is equipped with the all-knowing AI vision system 2.0.

It has a 10,000-point 3D ToF visual perception, which can realize global auto-focus, omnidirectional keystone correction, automatic screen entry, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and other functions, to use the projector more worry-free and save effort.

Dangbei OS 4.0:

This new projector uses Dangbei OS 4.0, which has designs such as home screen customizations, smart elements, and wallpapers. The software allows to cast of screens without advertisements and supports Apple AirPlay, Android, Huawei CAST+, and Windows screen casting.

Dangbei OS 4.0

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