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Huawei Hi Nova 10 5G to launch on October 20



Huawei Hi Nova 10 launch

Huawei Nova 10 series is a high-end member of the Nova family. The firm has unveiled two variants in this series: the standard and the Pro model. But looks like, a new reflection of the Huawei smartphone, named Hi Nova 10 5G is going to launch soon.

According to the recent post on Weibo, brought by the famous blogger @FactoryDirectoryShiGuan, China Post Communications is going to launch a replicate of the Huawei Nova 10 – Hi Nova 10 with 5G capability on the consumer ground.

Giving a clue regarding the launch time, the tipster mentions in his post that the Hi Nova 10 will come into existence this month. As of the release date, we could find the duplicate version of the Nova 10 smartphone around October 20.

Since Hi Nova 10 is an upgraded version of the original Nova 10th handset, there aren’t many differences between the two devices. But, in terms of network, the Hi Nova 10 is one step ahead. Unlike the Huawei models, Hi Nova 10 exhibits 5G services.

Another significant contrast is the operating system. While the Nova 10 series has started receiving the HarmonyOS 3.0 beta segments, Hi Nova 10 5G will appear with a system similar to the HarmonyOS 2.0. What else? Well, we can only get an accurate idea of the device after its release.

Huawei Hi Nova 10 launch

Hi Nova 10 5G – Already Certified!

In July, the Hi Nova 10 5G has already entered the 3C Certification procedure. With model numbers MGZ-BD00 and ALH-BD00, the device came into the testing of networks very early. However, after that, Hi Nova 10 matter got inactive in the headlines.

While the certification procedure, it came to knowledge that just like the Nova 10 series, Hi Nova 10 5G will also support 66W and 100W super-fast charging. Consequently, there are several interesting facts that the device is going to offer its users.

For the moment, things aren’t much clear in this concept. Let’s wait till October 20 and see what new additions and exceptions will the Hi Nova 10 5G will bring to the surface.

Huawei Hi Nova 10 launch


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