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Huawei Health app is getting update



Huawei Health update

Huawei Health app is fetching April 2024 improvements with a notable update carrying the version. The software build holds a huge package size of 100.59 Megabytes and is gradually reaching Huawei phone users around the globe.

The dedicated health app ensures that you can easily manage a variety of operations without depending on multiple applications. It lets you play your favorite music, download apps on your wearables, link devices with other gadgets, and more.

And to maintain the app’s fluency, Huawei is now bringing the update to the Health application. Make sure to have sufficient storage in your handset to store the app build. Less storage space might result in the upgrade failure or app crash.

The changelog doesn’t reveal any major additions to the app. Yet, you may observe smoother animations, stable functioning, and the removal of anonymous glitches that might have interrupted while performing certain tasks and using features.

Other changes might include optimizations for the app’s performance and usability. Hence you should download the newest version as it reaches your device.

  • Huawei Health version – LINK

Huawei smartphone owners can visit the AppGallery to install the latest Health app update. You can also get help from the above-mentioned link which will directly lead you to the update page.

Huawei Health update

Huawei Health version (Image Credits: Huawei)

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