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Huawei Health wearBeta update is out with new step count feature



Huawei Health wearBeta update

Huawei is renovating its Health application with the wearBeta update. With the new testing build, the company integrates unreleased features and improvements for users that can enhance the overall experience and the application’s usability.

From the name, the Huawei Health app monitors your health and offers related details accurately. Whereas, the wearBeta part tests useful and effective features that can make the application more beneficial for users and provide them with better services.

To maintain efficiency, the Huawei Health application is now receiving the latest wearBeta update with a bunch of new features and improvements.

Note that this is a public beta activity and will run live till June 29, 2024. Thus you have enough time to enroll yourself in this testing pool. Next, you need to download a software package of 104.1 Megabytes to enjoy the newest offerings of the app.

Huawei Health wearBeta update

Huawei Health gets wearBeta version (Image Credits: ITHome)

The new Huawei Health wearBeta version has some proficient features like step counting and sleep summary. The former tells about how many steps you have taken in a day, while the latter will keep an eye on your sleep and share precise details.

Other features count personalized content support with better workout videos, instructions for better caloric records, and more. You can check the changelog below.

  • Added step counts and sleep summary feature to display accurate user health data and help improve your health status.
  • Added daily moments, and a series of lesson suggestions to support personalized recommendations.
  • Displays the instructions for using caloric records adaptively, as per your weight target.
  • Fixes stability issues in some scenarios.

Huawei Health wearBeta update

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