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Huawei Health wearBeta out



Update: A new version of Huawei Health WearBeta for Huawei phones. You can get this Huawei Health wearBeta version from here.

Huawei Health

June 6, 2023:

Huawei Health wearBeta version is rolling out for Huawei smartwatch users. However, it’s an experimental build and testing the latest optimizations.

Huawei Health app is a one-stop destination to manage all of your connected smart wearables. You can set new watch faces, change watch settings and update to the latest firmware version.

All you need to do is to open the app and select your smartwatch. From here, you can interact with all of the available options.

The latest version of Huawei Wearbeta brings you a new performance upgrade but it’s in beta mode. Therefore, these changes will become widely available with a stable release.

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