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Huawei HarmonyOS will bring Memory Turbo technology, increases 6GB RAM to 8GB



A well-known Weibo blogger has shared some important news regarding Huawei’s RAM enhancement technology. The tipster reveals that Huawei has a RAM technology called – Memory Turbo, which can add 2GB of virtual RAM to the actual memory capacity.

For example, the 6GB of RAM will add an additional 2GB, making a total of 8GB. That’s no it because this technology will not only be available on smartphones but also on PCs. However, the tipster also mentioned this Memory Turbo technology will come with the future editions of the HarmonyOS operating system but the launch is yet to be confirmed.

Initially announced Last year:

Last October, during the launch of the Huawei Mate 40 series, Consumer Business Group CEO – Yu Chengdong initially announced this technology of EMUI software system based on Android.

According to Yu, the Huawei Mate 40 series is equipped with a new Memory Expansion. This new tech increases the capacity of 8GB physical RAM equivalent to 10GB after virtual expansion and 12GB physical RAM becomes equivalent to 14GB RAM.

Richard said, using the dynamic group compression and super memory flash fusion, the average number of caches in the application backstages has increased from 11 of Mate 30 Pro’s 8GB to 16.6 in Mate 40 Pro’s 8GB RAM. The total performance increase also recorded an increase of up to 50%.

Useful for old smartphones:

If so, then this technology will be helpful for old Huawei smartphones that need hardware acceleration and make HarmonyOS run smoother, when it’ll actually upgrade.

Other smartphone makers:

Aside from Huawei, other Chinese phone makers also using such technologies to enhance RAM capabilities. Related to this, Vivo launched its Android-based skin with a feature called Memory Fusion, which can add up to 3GB virtual RAM on a 12GB device, making it 15GB in total.

The tipster also revealed that some of the models of Xiaomi have become sluggish and incompatible with the latest software requirement. Therefore, the developers of MUI are working on new memory integration and expansion technology. However, this technology is yet making release among Xiaomi smartphone users.

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