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Huawei HarmonyOS needs this feature from Android 12



Huawei HarmonyOS Android 12

HarmonyOS comes with a bunch of new features that are built around the operating system and bring ease of accessing smartphone users. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about accessibility on this OS but there is one feature that Huawei HarmonyOS should be considering taking from Android 12.

So, what’s that one feature? Well, actually we’re talking about the dynamic color system powered by the Material You design. Although, the Material You on Android 12 has deep integration into the operating system but it’s worth mentioning that Huawei should adopt it on HarmonyOS for its consumers.

Android 12

Android 12 is the latest installment from Google and many smartphone makers has already started shifting their smartphone to Android 12 but dynamic colors from Material You is the only feature that keeps them on the toe.

Huawei HarmonyOS Android 12

Going for the simple terms, the new feature system allows users to change the system colors and apply a better one. Most interestingly, it can adapt and generate color pallets based on your phone’s wallpaper, which is actually very cool.

There are two types of colors you can choose from:

  1. Wallpaper colors
  2. Basic Colors

First Let’s talk about the Wallpaper colors.

These will lead you to the color palette generated from the wallpaper of your phone’s home screen including a Primary, an accent, and a Dark mode color.

Second, Basic colors:

These are solid colors that will be applied solely throughout the system.

Unified changes:

Aside from the colors, the feature will let you customize the system icons that will be applied to the app icons.

Android 12 dynamic colors

Where these changes will appear?

The change in dynamic colors will appear throughout the user interface and system including quick settings, dialer, app icons, Settings menu, and even in apps.

These changes in the user interface are surely amusing, even if Huawei cannot inherit the Material You design, it could add an extra flavor of customization with dynamic color themes.

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