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Huawei HarmonyOS Connect is working deeply with industry partners



huawei harmonyos connect

On the sideline of the Huawei Developer Conference 2022, attended the third forum on HarmonyOS Connect and Ai intelligence to showcase its deep integration into the Chinese smart device ecosystem.

Various industry officials joined the media session including Huawei Chief Strategy Officer, Shao Yang and the President of Whole House Smart Product Line, Simon Electric (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Renyu, Philips Water Health Global CEO, ALEX, Director of HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem Partner Aojiahua Group, General Manager of China Guo Taohua, General Manager of Honghu Wanlian, and Senior Vice President of iSoftStone Qin Zhangbo.

Mr. Yang mentioned that smartphones are the key to entering the smart world. Connecting smartphones with everything and connecting everything with people is the basic line for the development of the internet of everything.

Huawei continues to work deeply on a single product roadmap to give more power to smartphone users, such a scenario could fall under the 3+3 DNA strategy and Huawei smart choice.

Yang further noted adding a way for people looking for hardware equipment to achieve a more powerful and systematic interconnection of all things. It also needs self-orderly integration between equipment and subsystem as a backbone.

Promotion of smart development:

Mr. Zhang Renyu, general manager of Simon Electric (China) said the cooperation project with Huawei is the highest priority and both firms share high trust among them.

The vision of space intelligence proposed by Mr. Shao Yang is the key to impressing Simon. China’s smart industry is actually a bit like the Warring States Period when all the heroes were competing for the deer, and it was all wild. Simon believes in Huawei’s team and its beautiful picture in the future smart things market.

Alex, the global CEO of Philips Water Health, believes that Philips’ brand slogan is “innovative for you” which is similar to Huawei. This is the basis for long-term strategic cooperation.

Qin Zhangbo, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone said that, unlike the previous partners, iSoftStone’s products are all-in-one, from the adaptation of the following chips to the modules, and development boards and the above solutions provide complete services to manufacturers.

Shao concluded that Huawei has been moving forward on the path pioneered by others for so many years but has been doing the thing of Make it Possible.

huawei harmonyos connect

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