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Huawei HarmonyOS April 2022 security patch details out



April 2022 HarmonyOS security

We are in the first week of April and to improve system security, Huawei has just published the latest April 2022 security details for devices running on the HarmonyOS system. However, the security patch rollout is yet to start via OTA medium.

On the flip side, the latest April 2022 security enhancement for Huawei EMUI devices has already been published on the Android security bulletin at the beginning of this month. Check the details here.

HarmonyOS 3.0:

At present, Huawei smartphone devices are pursuing the HarmonyOS 2.0 software version. Meanwhile, HarmonyOS 3.0 is still under development and will launch soon for consumers. As per the HM OS 3.0 roadmap, the beta activity is scheduled to begin in March 2022 but it was delayed due to internal issues.

But, the latest input on HarmonyOS 3.0 discloses that the development of the latest software version is about to complete. But, it is expected to remain exclusive to the Chinese consumers at the moment and might also roll out in the global market.

So, what are the fixes with April 2022 HarmonyOS security details?

Huawei brings fixes for a bunch of common vulnerabilities including 1 CVE in the framework, 1 CVE in the kernel, 1 CVE in the system, and 7 CVEs in applications. In addition to this, 39 CVEs were resolved in third-party libraries.

April 2022 HarmonyOS security

In Details:


  • CVE-2022-22255


  • CVE-2022-22254


  • CVE-2022-22258


  • CVE-2022-22252, CVE-2021-40065, CVE-2022-22257, CVE-2021-46742, CVE-2022-22253, CVE-2022-22256, CVE-2021-46740

Third-party libraries:

  • CVE-2021-39624, CVE-2021-39667, CVE-2021-39692, CVE-2021-39695, CVE-2021-39703, CVE-2021-39704, CVE-2021-39706, CVE-2021-39707, CVE-2021-39686, CVE-2021-35105, CVE-2022-20053, CVE-2021-39698, CVE-2021-39697, CVE-2020-29368, CVE-2021-39685, CVE-2021-3655, CVE-2021-35088, CVE-2021-35103, CVE-2021-35106, CVE-2021-35117, CVE-2021-40490, CVE-2021-31345, CVE-2021-31346, CVE-2021-31889, CVE-2021-31890, CVE-2021-40148, CVE-2021-30299, CVE-2021-37159, CVE-2021-39711, CVE-2021-39714, CVE-2021-39792, CVE-2021-41864, CVE-2021-43975, CVE-2021-22600, CVE-2021-0987, CVE-2021-1005, CVE-2021-1014, CVE-2021-1015

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