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Huawei gets listed in 5th batch of network key equipment security list



Huawei spots at 5th batch of network key equipment security list

Huawei has joined the list of the network key equipment security which is rolling the fifth batch at the moment. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has declared the onset of the next round of the network security program. Various tech makers are finding their spots in this list. Apparently, Huawei is one of them.

Alongside Huawei, several manufacturers are on the list of network key equipment security. For instance, Cisco, Nokia Bell, Ruijie, Siemens, and more. Further, these industries have submitted a given number of devices in this program for issuing the security certification.

Aim of Network Key Equipment Security Program

As described, several tech giants have participated in this program. Moreover, some 21 devices of these companies were eligible to undergo the testing tasks of network key equipment and security special products. Consequently, after the completion of the tests, the Ministry has released the result of these devices that became eligible for security certificates.

Huawei spots at 5th batch of network key equipment security list

Lists of Companies:

Here is the number of devices that each company is bringing on the inspecting surface:

  • Huawei: 2 devices
  • Cisco: 8 devices
  • Nokia Bell: 1 device
  • Ruijie: 4 devices
  • H3C: 1 device
  • Siemens: 5 devices

These are some of the eligible firms for the program. Furthermore, the qualified sectors will proceed as per the commands of the “General Requirements for National Critical Equipment Security” (GB40050-2021) leaflet.

The first batch that took place in the past has displayed the list of organizations undertaking the security certification for the National Critical Equipment and Security Products. As for now, the company has continued the program with certified gadgets.

The respective ministry will announce the new and mandatory standards that could meet the requirements in the time ahead.


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