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Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones launched in global market with 32 hours battery life



Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones

Huawei has launched its first open-back earphones named FreeClip in the global market. As the term suggests, there is no need to insert the wearable inside your ear to get an immersive sound experience. Just clip it around your ears and it’s ready to use!

Unlike the standard FreeBuds, the Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones appear in a unique design. It doesn’t require you to differentiate between your left or right ear. You can directly wear either of them without dealing with confusion.

Huawei FreeClip design is a combination of three parts:

  1. Comfort Bean – It adopts a comfortable bean-like structure to easily maintain the grip around your ears
  2. Acoustic Ball – Inspired by the real ear cavity, the Acoustic Ball aims to prevent discomfort
  3. C-bridge – This part consists of a sensor along with an adjustable buckle clip. It also has 9 core wires wrapped in a thin cantilever beam.

Together, these additions to the audio wearable aim to avoid pain and offer immense comfort even if you wear it for a long time.

Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones

Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones – Specifications

The all-new earset has obtained an IP54 rating and provides 32 hours of battery life with a 55mAh cell. Eventually, it requires only 40 minutes to recharge its cells and continues to deliver seamless functioning. Meanwhile, giving a charge of 10 minutes can run the device for 3 hours.

On the other hand, the earphone box bears a 510mAh battery. Thus, you can enjoy 8 hours of constant playback. The earbuds weigh only 5.6 grams and support SBC, AAC, and L2HC audio formats. However, your Huawei phone should be running on the EMUI 13 to use the L2HC function.

Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones

As mentioned, Huawei FreeClip earphones launched only in the global market and it is currently unavailable in the home ground. However, the company may launch the new wearable in China at the Nova 12 series launch event.

In terms of availability, the Huawei FreeClip earphones will be available in the UK and European markets by the end of this month with a price tag of 179.99 and 199 euros respectively. Users can pick the headset in two color shades – Purple and Black. Besides, a pre-booking till January 29, 2023, can offer you a free Huawei Band 8.

Huawei FreeClip open-back earphones


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